History of the journal

The journal is devoted to prehistoric archaeology and medieval numismatics.

The first issue of Przegląd Archeologiczny was published in 1919 in Poznań as a medium of the Archaeological Commission of the Poznań Society of Friends of Learning. The founder and editor of the periodical was Professor Dr J. Kostrzewski. The subsequent volumes published in the years 1920-1924, were jointly edited by the Archaeological Commission and the Polish Prehistoric Society, which was founded in 1920. From 1925, the journal became exclusively the medium of the Polish Prehi-storic Society. The year 1933 brought further changes; the journal became the forum of the Polish Prehistoric Society and the Institute of Prehistory of the University of Poznań. This joint editorial activity was interrupted in 1939 due to the outbreak of World War II. During the war, all zincography printing plates were destroyed. In to-tal, in the interwar period 21 yearly issues of the journal were edited, forming six volumes, three of which were dedicated to leading researchers: Professor Lubor Nie-derle (Volume III, 1925-1927), Professor Zygmunt Zakrzewski (Volume V, 1933-1936, 1) and the creator of the three-age system, Christian Jürgensen Thomsen (Volume V, 1933-1936, 2-3).

After World War II, the publication of Przegląd Archeologiczny was resumed with Volume VII, issued jointly by the Polish Prehistoric Society and the Institute of Research on Slavic Antiquities at the University of Poznań. From 1948, the journal was a channel of the Polish Prehistoric Society, which was renamed the Polish Ar-chaeological Society in 1953. In 1973 it became the journal of the Institute of History of Material Culture of the Polish Academy of Sciences, with the editorial office at the then Department of Archaeology of the Odra River Basin in Wrocław, currently (since 1992) known as the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Wrocław Sec-tion. After the death of Professor Dr J. Kostrzewski, Professor Dr hab. T. Wiślański became the editor of the journal (volumes 21-38), and then, in 1992, Professor Dr hab. B. Gediga assumed the position (volume 39 onwards).

On the pages of Przegląd Archeologiczny, issued for more than 80 years, several generations of Polish and foreign archaeologists have published their articles, significantly contributing to the development of the archaeology of Poland and Cen-tral Europe. The topics published in the journal cover issues concerning the metho-dology and the problems of all periods from the Palaeolithic to the Middle Ages in Europe, America and the Middle East.


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